Shirin: Franz Schubert: Unfinished Symphony, Piano Version

Franz Schubert Symphony No. 8 in B minor Unfinished Symphony 1. Allegro moderato Arranged for 2 Pianos Performed by SHIRIN THOMAS

Shirin: Jean-Marie Leclair, Furlana

The furlana (also spelled furlane, forlane, friulana, forlana) is an Italian folk dance from the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In Friulian, furlane means Friulian, in this case Friulian Dance. In Friuli there has been a Slav minority since the Slavic settlement of the Eastern Alps (Maniacco 2002, 56), and the furlana may well have originated as a Slavonic dance. It dates at least to...

Kamalata: Dirty

Released on June 19, 2015 "Dirty" is Kamalata's first single from the artist's debut album "Red Lips". The album is available on vinyl, CD and high resolution digital at

Shirin: Charmaine

Ernö Rapée Charmaine performed by SHIRIN


Pablo de Sarasate ZAPATEADO Arranged by for 2 pianos by SHIRIN Performed by SHIRIN THOMAS

Shirin: Papillon

Jerry Goldsmith PAPILLON Arranged and performed by SHIRIN

The Fearless Flyers: Ace of Aces

Shirin: The Gypsy Baron Overture piano version

Johann Strauss The Gypsy Baron Overture Arranged and performed by SHIRIN

Shirin: Boy on a Delphin, Theme

Hugo Friedhofer Boy on a Delphin Performed by SHIRIN

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit: If We Were Vampires