UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on sanctioning allies doing business with Iran

JJ's payback

Nikki Haley fires back at Iran after terror attack allegation

CNN:US United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley fires back at Iranian President Hassan Rouhani blaming the US for a terrorist attack urging Rouhani to "take a look in the mirror."

What Makes Edgar Allan Poe So Great? An Animated Video Explains

Open Culture: His gloomy, haunted visage adorns the covers of collected works, publications of whose like he would never see in his lifetime. Edgar Allan Poe died in penury and near-obscurity, and might have been forgotten had his work not been turned into sensationalized, abridged, adaptations posthumously, a fate he might not have wished on his most hated literary rival. But Poe survived ...

Official Trailer :'Dear Dictator' Starring Michael Caine

[Iran] Activist Returned to Prison After Cancer Surgery

Black humor in advertising

Ahwaz Separatists challenge Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi in UK Parliament

"are you ashamed of your father's treatment of Ahwazi Arabs?" From Separatist Website dated june 2013

At least 29 killed, 57 wounded in attack on military parade in Ira

Clip shows the actual attack! The brave troop flees..... :-)))

The moment gunmen attacked military parade in Iran's Ahvaz

Ashurad reenactment event turned into mayhem! Once more Shemr taa dasteh modar Imam Hossein raa gaeeed!