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Japan Times: Abe's skill as Iran-U.S. mediator to be tested during Trump's visit to Japan - Shabu Shabu Diplomacy!

Newsweek: The Shadowy Chinese Weapons Dealer in China-Iran Ballistic Missile Deals

Radio Farda: Iran's Soleimani Told Iraqi Militias To 'Prepare For Proxy War' - Proxy on Proxy War!

The Hill: Trump to meet with Swiss president amid tensions between US, Iran - Upcoming Zarif/Pompeo Stroll in Geneva!

Aljazeera: Saudi Arabia says oil stations attacked by armed drones - Houthi, Houthi!

WNDR: Pakistani Man sentenced to death for farting in mosque during Ramadan - Masjed is no Place for Farting!

ToI: US passes Trump’s direct phone number to Switzerland to give to Iran - Baby I Got Your Number!

CNN: London Mayor: Trump isn't in the "same class" as Obama and Bush - Trailer-Trash-in-Chief!

CNBC: Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas Donald Trump Jr. on Trump Tower Moscow deal - Aghazadeh in Trouble!

AP: Intel indicates Iran moved missiles by boat - Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently down the Stream!