Although pro-Zionism fascist, anti-Semite lobbyists like AIPAC and its likeminded useful neocons get most of the mass media attention and funding, there is an army of pro-democracy, pro- self governance  digital activists fighting oppression.

The good news being, many of these anti-Zionist fascist digital activists are Bahai's.That is particularly relevant because the core ideology of the Zionist, anti-semitism, fascism is based on oppression and occupation; their apartheid laws designate gentiles as inferior human beings, who regardless of their natural rights are systematically subjected to the most unhumane conditions under military occupation of their land. .

Those Bahai's, who have lost hope of seeing Haifa’s emancipation from the unreformable, expansionist and warmongering Zionist, anti-semitic fascism, can take heart by thoroughly observing the dogged pro-freedom activities of all freedom fighters, democracy lovers, human rights activists in the world.

In other words; Haifa’s freedom from anti-Semite Zionist's fascism is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

The above image is of a beautiful brainy Bahai lady, who without an iota of a doubt will some day enjoy witnessing the freedom of Haifa, the ancient and sacred land of our honorable Bahai ham-meehans.

Wake up International House of Justice, and don't fall for crocodile tears; wake up...

... Or something like that...