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Joined on October 10, 2012

I would like to relay France's support and my sisterly salute to Nasrin Sotoudeh who is currently behind bars in Iran.—Marlene Schiappa, Secretary of Equality between women and men in the French government
When Javad Zarif responds to questions about Iran’s human rights abuses by saying “Iran has an independent judiciary”, this is what he’s referring to: Iran’s Supreme Leader has appointed Ebrahim Raeesi to head the country’s judiciary. Why is that a bad idea? He was involved in mass executions of thousands of political prisoners to list just one of the many reasons. —Karim Sadjadpour
40years after the revolution that brought an Islamo-fascist totalitarian state & destroyed Iran, Soroush—an early ideologue now lauded as a “liberalizing” religious intellectual—unapologetically praises Khomeini as modern Iran’s most learned leader. —Miriam Memarsadeghi, co-founder/co-director Tavaana
A Swiss journalist asked me: There're bigger problems. Why protest compulsory hijab? I removed my shawl, wrapped it around his head & said "Let’s talk about bigger problems". At that moment he said he felt suffocated & Belittled. See his reaction.—Masih Alinejad
We note Javad Zarif’s resignation. We’ll see if it sticks. Either way, he and Hassan Rouhani are just front men for a corrupt religious mafia. We know Ali khamenei makes all final decisions. Our policy is unchanged—the regime must behave like a normal country and respect its people.—Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State
An interesting rhetorical shift has occurred on the western left. People's uprisings against authoritarian regimes used to be a good thing. They used to be called revolutions. Now they get defined as "regime change", and even solidarity or humanitarian aid is cast as evil.—Idrees Ahmad
Once again, dear Javad Zarif, could you please, as a human rights prof, answer why the mother of labor activist Ismaeil_Bakhshi must be punished because of her son's activities. And why was Bakshi jailed in the first place. Your silence is deafening. Please answer. —Maziar Bahari, Journalist and filmmaker
2nd round of AFC Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament will be hosted in occupied Palestine [Israel], The law in the Islamic Republic forbids any Iranian citizen from entering the occupied Palestine. The national women's soccer team has to lose?—Etemad newspaper
The U.S. has taken good care of Iran’s embassy in Washington, hoping that one day we can return the keys back to an Iranian government that cares more about its people and less about its destructive revolutionary ideology. A brighter future is possible.—Brian Hook, U.S. Special Rep for Iran
This issue is our red line, hopefully by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Israel is annihilated so everyone can rest easy.—Davood Azarnoosh, the head of Athletes' Basij