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Shahrzad in Kuwait

Shahrzad Mozafar, the ex-Iran’s women’s futsal team head coach has been named new head coach of Kuwait women’s futsal team.


Iran missile victims

Iran regime launched missiles at the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of & the Kurdistan Democratic Party,deep inside the territory of the Iraqi Kurdistan. A number of members and pishmargas of the two parties were killed & more were wounded.

Iran's Basra consulate set ablaze

Video of Iraqi protests aganist Islamits fascists here


Prof. Steve Hanke:

Iran's annual inflation rate is the highest it has ever been in its history. Measured for today, 9/3/18, annual inflation is 244%.


Unmatched Hypocrisy

Islamist cufflinks

With the US $ trading at around 110,000 rials, $385 equals to 42.68 million rials; a workers' paycheck for two months in Iran.


Maryam Memarsadeghi :

Consider he just weaseled out of question on why Iranians live so poorly as compared to rest of world by saying “we” had decided to live differently...& consider this is an anti-West, populist, Islamist regime. None of this stops them from showing off their Mont Blancs & Ferraris

Meet Niloofar

Meet Niloofar Homafar.

She's 20-years old & was arrested in Tehran on August 2 for taking part in .

She is now held in the inhumane conditions of Qarchak Varamin Prison.

Set Nasrin Free

60 Members of European Parliament join me in calling for the release of Sakharov Prize winner and prominent humanrights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh