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Where's Diego?

Omar Momani

The Spain striker had a lot of company against Iran.

humanity's footprint

Shahrokh Heydari

To the last drop

Reza Rish

Iran's water crisis

I'm all alone

Reza Delrish

I'm all alone - I'm all alone in the midst of a deluge of sorrows


The root

M. P. Ramirez

Islamist apps

Shahrokh Heydari

Despite the Islamic Republic’s official ban on the popular messaging app Telegram, few Iranian users have closed their accounts, and some say fake profiles are appearing for them on regime-linked apps created to replace Telegram.

Regime change

Reza Rish

A trending hashtag to help carry the mullahs away

Tom & His Highness Jerry

Mana Neyestani

About htis news.

5+1-1 = 0

Toka Neyestani

Cherry ride