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WA: Dozens of Jewish graves vandalized with swastikas and anti-Semitic slurs – First they came for the communist and ….

politico: Charles Kushner pens op-ed in defense of son Jared - عروسی‌ که ننش تعریفش رو بکنه....

nbcnews: Several 2020 Democrats to skip AIPAC conference after call to boycott - No doubt they are anti semitic , since they won't drink AIPAC koolaid

Slate: Why Can’t We Pass Gun Laws Like New Zealand? - Because we send them our thoughts and prayers instead and it has been very effective to stop gun violence in the US

aljazeera: Three Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in occupied West Bank - Correction, murdered

salon: Trump's racist delusions and the global threat of white hate - TRump, a gift to the bigot and racist in America

salon: Jared and Ivanka: Moderates? Forget it. These vacuous looters epitomize the Trump presidency - Apple doesn't fall far from the tree

the hill: New Zealanders turning over firearms after mass shooting - As a contrast to US where firearm sells soars right after each mass shooting

the hill: Santorum: Trump should 'send emails to a therapist' instead of tweeting - White jacket is needed, He has gone full cuckoo

aljazeera: Israeli forces may have committed war crimes: UN report - which of the war crimes is this report referring to?